When Your Talent Isn’t Tangible

How are you darling?  What’s been up?  Over here we have been talking a lot about life’s purpose, what we all think we’re supposed to be doing, getting our shat together and trying to get some general act right in our lives.  During those discussions over life, love and the things we eff up, we end up talking about what each other’s talents are and how we can make those work for ourselves. A lot of times, we can see the things one another can do and not see our own talents all of the time. Other times, we look at ourselves and it’s not that we don’t think we’re talented (sidebar: because I think it takes a certain something just to be able to make it from day to day & week to week without going insane – especially in DC – but I digress) but because we cannot exactly quantify or put our hands on our talent.

Do you have people you admire from a distance that are talented?  What about the people around you – immediate friends – who are talented?  You know who they are – they flat out have it.  They can sing, dance, cook, style, sew, and get babies to hush.  They have a gift!  They are the ones who can turn a dime into a hundred dollar bill.  They can put outfits together, do make up, rearrange rooms, save the day, help you put your life back together (didn’t think that was a talent did you?).  The list goes on. . These people have the “tangible” skills.  Skills that are seen.  They show and prove.  Other people can see it.  It’s obvious.  I know you know what I’m talking about here.  The running back for the Saints – besides him being a running back, his ass is just fine. ((Throws e-love to Reggie Bush))  I mean hell, while we’re on Reggie, let’s talk about Kim K. – she turned nothing into something.  This is the sort of thing I am talking about here.  How to turn what you think is your “nothing” into “something.”

Hold up.  What about the rest of us?  Those of us who aren’t seemingly fabulous at anything.  Or anything tangible.  What the hell do WE do?  And a better question to ask is how are you measuring your talent?

You have talent.  Everyone does.  Don’t think so?  I beg to differ. I repeat: EVERYONE DOES!  I wanted to offer hope and a few suggestions on how to see your talent and put it to use.

  1. First, recognize that all of us have a skill, a talent or something else. Who taught me this?  Winston aka Winnie bka Winn.  I love Winnie.  He’s a fat cat.  Literally.  See Winnie in action here:    But Winston has made a name for himself for being just that – himself.  A fat cat that loves bananas.  And guess what?  People love him for it. Winn doesn’t walk around wishing to be any different than he is.  He’s himself all day long.  Moral: Be yourself. All the time.
  2. Don’t compare yourself.  There’s no point.  I am one of the guiltiest creatures of this here offense.  It’s so detrimental.  There is no point in me comparing myself to let’s say Storm on X-Men.  Why?  Well she can control the weather.  Just because I can’t doesn’t mean I’m not awesome.  It just means I need to figure out what my special power is.  For me, I’m a nurturer, a teacher and a visionary.  I have other talents, but I tend not to discuss those because everyone needs a few secrets.  I promise to use my powers for good and not evil.  See how easy this is?
  3. Get out there and work.  Most of the stuff we’re supposed to be doing involves us actually going out and doing it.  So this means that you have to take off those new Captain America PJs you just ordered online, put the cereal bowl down and actually leave the house and go out and do shit.  I really don’t care what you choose to do as long as it’s not illegal (preferably) and doesn’t hurt anyone or yourself (preferably).  Do SOMETHING besides just going to work and coming home and stalking people on Facebook.  Choose a new route to go home.  Buy a new shade of lipstick.  Go all out and actually go to a different grocery store.  I know this is hard sometimes, but you never know what you’ll see that will inspire you or who you’ll run into.
  4. Volunteer.  This is key.  Don’t you have anything you’re passionate about?  Serengeti Lions, deep sea fishing, mace?  Music, feeding the homeless, playing your banjo and feeding the homeless?  I don’t know – go out, sign up and volunteer.  Your time is needed somewhere and the longevity of aforementioned Captain American PJs will thank you.
  5. Do things differently.  Take a new route home.  Switch up the brand of beer or wine you buy.  Go to a different grocery store.  Video tape yourself doing stupid stuff (if that’s what you’re good at – who knew Jackass would be such a hit? RIP Ryan Dunn).
  6. Ask your friends and family.  Mind you, I don’t mean calling up your ex to ask them what they think you’re good at.  Not only will you not get the answers you need, but it’s highly likely you’ll get cussed out.  At any rate, ask those tried and trusted friends and family members.  The ones who have seen you grow from ashy to classy.  Those who have definitely caught you on some of your worst days and still encouraged you.  Believe it or not, they have probably been waiting to tell you a few things (smirks).  It may come wrapped up in what I like to call a “get-your-ass-together” convo but as long as they do it with love, it’s still necessary for you to take notes.

If you need examples of how you can work out the intangible talent theory and make it work for you, I’m going to provide some inspiration for you.  I must also add, regardless of what you may think of these people here – these folks have managed to work their ten minutes or even their two minutes of fame and turn it into something for themselves and their families:

  • The Kardashians :: I love them. I really do. However, what are their actual individual talents? This is intangible talent working at its highest form.  However, I will admit I believe they truly know how to work whatever air time they are provided.  They know how to market themselves.  And really, it’s about being at the right place at the right time.  Appropriately dressed and with a camera crew (never hurts).
  • Antoine Dodson :: This brother right here.  All I can say is from a tiny little snippet on Alabama television he worked it and ended up with a spot on Lopez Tonight.  In my Murrland voice – wheredeydodatat?  Learn.
  • Amber Rose ::  La Vie en Rose.  She is beautiful.  I believe she’s intelligent.  She has managed to parlay herself into a career by…doing what? Again, can’t be mad.  Can only respect the hustle.
  • 80% of the “Real Housewives”
  • 98% of the “Basketball Wives”

So there we have it.  Let me add those that I list above – I am not judging.  In fact, I am damn impressed at how they have managed to work their own hustle and make it work for them.  I think that’s the point here.  Work with what you have and make it work for you.  We all have a talent, maybe multiple talents.  Figure it out.   Understanding your talent(s) and your purpose are the things you should be chasing after – with reckless abandon!

What are my talents you ask?  I have secret superpowers.  I nurture, I encourage, I run my mouth.   I have been walking over these things for years.  Using them for good instead of evil.  Nuff said.

Be encouraged.  You’re valuable.  Your life is a sheer miracle and well, you should get the most out of it right?  I believe that.  And really, what will you lose if you go out and try?  I challenge you today to figure it out.  Chase it!!  Your purpose is hidden in your talent.  Your real life is waiting for you.  Go get it.



“…Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.” ~ Erica Jong


2 thoughts on “When Your Talent Isn’t Tangible

  1. hey Rae! Im loving this!!!!!!!
    Im going through the same thing, dealing with my own BS. My stronghold is procrstination.
    Lets make some changes girly!!
    we can do it

    • Yessssssss!!!! I swear I had a breakthrough the other day and it was like I just heard God telling me I am going to have to stop playing that role of “just enough to get by.” I am a procrastinator as well so I understand. My issue is really just not putting all of my efforts into things or doing my best. It has to stop. So we have to check in on each other!


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