Giving Up to Get Up – Part I

You know I like a good blog title right?  It moves me.  See above – it’s a good title.  But it’s really serious business.

I do a lot of talking.  Less than I used to, but still talk a lot.  I try to listen more.  I’ve learned a lot that way.  But really I do a LOT of impromptu counseling and talking.  I’ve HAD a lot of impromptu counseling. Don’t judge me.  Over the years from all of the good brothers and sisters in my life – they have counseled and put me back together on the days when it was hard to make sense of it all.  My Mom & Dad have had some definite get-you-together speeches in the recent years and I love each and every one of you for it.

Since I find myself talking to people about all of the things going on in their lives I wanted to talk about something I’ve talked about often over the last year –  how much we have to give up to get up and have the life we want.

Before I even get into my thoughts on this, what do you think?  What have you given up to get what you wanted? Or do you subscribe to the theory that you can have it all?

I was talking to a good friend, a sister of mine.  She asked me, sincerely, if I thought she was crazy for wanting to have it all? Hmph. What did I tell her?

All I can say is that this life is short.  I really think you should squeeze as much out of this life as you possibly can because we don’t get another one.  It’s better to look back and know you tried than to not ever have taken any chances.  Take as many chances as you can for the life you want.  Fight for it. 

I really think God was speaking through me at that moment because it’s all I remember other than a prayer.  However, it was the best conversation.  We prayed together and then everything seemed to fall into place.  It set me on the right course too!! Note: it’s always ok to pray with or for someone you love – always!!!  We really should get into the habit of that more.  Now here’s a real ________ (insert whatever name you want to call her) for you because she cussed me out after the prayer.  I love her!!!  She said because she should have remembered to pray for me when I had called her with my own mayhem a few months earlier and I had one-upped her.  All I could do was laugh.  It was the best compliment she could have given me!!  Love you honey!  I am still laughing.

Afterwards, I had to ask myself if I had given up anything in the years.  I have. I’ve given up quite a bit.  Some things and people I had to let go.  Not because I wanted to, but as a close friend said to me – but because it was time.  I needed to grow, advance, move on.

The real questions we need to ask ourselves are:

What am I willing to give up on this path to get what I most desire?

Is there anything I am being called to walk away from to accomplish my dreams? (disclaimer for the nuts out there – this does not include children, wives, husbands, family or responsibilities or personal accountability – Regards, Management)

Is it still possible for me to have all of those things I really want – simultaneously – or am I crazy?

Or does God just set it all out for us and let us go for it – watch us fight like MMA fighters for our happiness?  (laughing).  God does have a sense of humor.  However, He’s merciful and well, I believe He has the best in mind for us.  Period.  Shalom.  Baby Jesus.  Jehovah.  Baba.  Praise Him.

I don’t have an answer to this one.  Surprise!!!  I’d like to think I can be this amazing person.  That I am a good sister.  A good friend.  That I will be a phenomenal wife and legendary mother.  That I can still accomplish those things I have in my heart.  That I will accomplish my purpose and God will actually greet me with an amazing live playlist (MJ, Bob Marley, house music and Sylvester! you name it) where I dance into Heaven in a dance line like this:

with all of my loved ones and friends from over the years…and He tells me I did a fab job!! I swear…I really think God will allow me to cross over in amazing clothes, make up and a great dance line. With all of the folks yelling “Go ‘head, Go ‘head….”  Again, don’t judge me.

(as a side note – The Scene was THE BIZNESS in Detroit when I was growing up and for all my Detroiters …you know it was.  We waited for the new show.  We skated to all of the music.  The Scene cannot be replaced)

I want to believe it.  I do.  But in the end do we sacrifice something in order to get something?  Is it possible to have it all?  Or do we have to be able to leave things behind in order to get to where we’re really supposed to be in this life?

To be continued….






3 thoughts on “Giving Up to Get Up – Part I

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  2. T – you are so right. Thank you for commenting!!! I do believe you are on to something here. We may not have it all, but you’re right – we can strive!!! And yes, there is something to be said for not settling but compromising. Reason/season/lifetime is really a lesson in and of itself. ❤

  3. I don’t hink we can “have it all” we can strive! The persuit of happiness. Watch that movie again, a glass of wine n open mind. We have all ben there to a point. And if you have goals that you are reaching for….. You are there again. You have to give up to get, you may have to be weak to be strong. Never settle but you must comprimise. People will come n go – learn the lesson so you won’t become stagnant (sp) reason – season – lifetime.


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