For Those Ordinary People Longing to be Extraordinary

i am a regular girl.
no, no really I am
i mean i can get fancy – this make up, my love of wine, food,  art (in that order)
but I am a regular woman
phenomenally regular.
beating a consistent beat
the bap bap bap bim bap bap bap bim
sounds of a regular and ordinary day
like the sound of rain beating on a tin roof
and it’s sound of comfort

i have longed to be exotic and amazing
to be noticed by someone special for how unusual I am
for people to “get” my vision
and the truth is, I wasted all that time

that someone would see me for the unnamed star, undiscovered
a burning white hot star
but we, the ordinary people are often the invisible ones
the ones that keep the lights burning
and the cars running
and make all of the visible, extraordinary people

but my ordinariness, is what makes me that extraordinary

that i shine silently, brilliantly, beautifully

even when no one else is looking

and that is the definition of character

who am i when no one else is looking?

i rather think God’s partial to the ordinary woman or man
blessings, honor, nobel movements, a fight for fairness, a call to arms, come through ordinary people who felt an extraordinary calling

for my parents and my grandparents, my great aunts and their mothers and fathers

all ordinary, everyday people

who were extraordinary to me and in their pockets of the world

but they planted the seeds of something extraordinary inside me

i thank you

i owe you the gift of causing extraordinary and divinely inspired shift & change in the world

even if it means I am kind to someone when they don’t deserve it

or just follow what you told me to do and fulfill my dreams

or maybe it’s that I’ll be that mother someday

or the wife

or just comfort those in need

or maybe I’ll just write

but I will be sure that you and all of those before you are remembered

and this is what happens when ordinary people discover they’re not really that ordinary,

and listen to the vision calling inside of them for excellence


be who you are



4 thoughts on “For Those Ordinary People Longing to be Extraordinary

  1. Amen! Do you know who else was “ordinary”? Ananias (Acts 9). Though he was upright, holy and well-regarded in his community, he is nearly forgotten about by Christians today and barely mentioned in the Bible. But because he was obedient to the Lord’s commands, he guided Saul (Paul) into his conversion to Christianity and Paul became this extraordinary figure in Christianity who wrote the majority of the New Testament. Everybody has a role to play, and in the body of Christ we just keep building on each other’s gifts and each other’s talents. The thumb is no more important than the foot or the hand or the eye nor is it less important. But when we are all combined together, we function properly and yield all praise glory and honor to the only one deserving, Jesus Christ! We may not have notoriety as others do, (particularly those like Paul who spent most of his early adulthood murdering Christians yet still God uses them so mightily when others who have been upright all along never reach the same kind of status) but the point is that when we are focused on being EXACTLY who God created us to be, then we can rejoice, whether we are the most ordinary or the most extraordinary person there is! I’m definitely going to blog about Ananias now! I’ll be sure to send it over when I do 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this! Beautifully done.

    • Brooke!! Thank you so much for stopping over and reading! I really appreciate you for that and the encouragement. I have heard of Ananias – a character I was writing about had a similar name 🙂 But thank you for thinking about his place in the Bible!

      It’s truly extraordinary when someone who doesn’t think they have any effect on the world makes this seismic shift without knowing. I really was able to get a hold of that idea in the Five People You Meet in Heaven. It made a real difference for me.

      Thank you again for stopping by and commenting! Please be sure to tag me when you finish the blog post. This piece is also a writing to something that has been on me (as in God telling me to write about a particular subject) for some time now. I would love to hear your take on that passage in the scripture.


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