Save Your Own Ass

Truth and Cake

Krishna Das is a well know kirtan practitioner, which is a fancy Hindu way of saying that he chants the names of God. His music is beautiful and soothing and widely used in yoga classes. When he was interviewed by “The Sun Magazine” last year, they asked him why he chants. His reply?
“I had no choice. I knew it was the only thing that could save my ass.”
This post isn’t about religion or salvation. That is for each person to factor into her life in her own way. It’s about finding the thing that will keep you afloat in life. For some people, it’s singing, for others, it’s dancing or cooking beautiful meals or running every day or practicing yoga.
Often we don’t give the “thing” enough credence or reverence. We feel like it’s silly or that we have too much happening in our lives…

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