Another Great Love Gone By….Rocket Love

I have rocked this song hundreds of times over the years…

It’s one of my favorites. It says it all.  I hope if you’re not into Vikter Duplaix take a minute and listen….

But the song that tears my heart UP is this one:

That damn Rocket Love.

It makes me cry every time I listen to it all the way through.

I think of it because he sent me this song on a playlist.  A playlist I had asked for.  I had this question I would ask – send me a playlist representative of how you’re feeling. I learned a lot with the couple of playlists I received.  Devastating in some respects but it was as close to honesty as I could get from him.  Or maybe it was a rouse.  I’ll never really know at this point.  I can’t hold much in terms of what I think is true or sincere after all that transpired.  When someone lies & betrays you to a high degree, it turns over everything they ever said and makes it seem false.

You know there are some love songs you have to skip over.  I mean like run across the house to the ipod and jump beds, sofas and everything else to make sure you skip past it.  Wondering how it magically ended up on your “Get It” playlist.

Rocket Love is one of them.

So I mostly don’t listen to it.  Unless I need to cry.

I have been posting about all sorts of things this week, but the underlying theme of it all is love.  Most of the time, most of my posts are about love.  I believe in love.

I believe in love.

I believe in love.

I believe in love.

*clicks ruby red slippers in hopes of….

I do believe two people can spend their lives together.  I believe they can get through it all – even the bad.  There has to be a commitment to the relationship.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to commit to the person.  People tend to cause all sorts of mayhem with their behavior and desires and wants.  I’m no different.  I am a piece of work.  Committing to them is difficult.  Committing to the cause, to a mutual goal, seems more attainable – the commitment in other words and not the person.  It also can’t be forced.

I remember this conversation I had with a girlfriend of mine a few years ago.  She asked me how would I feel if I never had children, never got married?

I had to admit, I was willing to accept not having children – mostly because I know there are so many beautiful children out here who need a home.  I’m more than willing to adopt or be a “bonus mom.”  I love kids.  I love being with kids and so far I’ve enjoyed being a God-mother and surrogate “Auntie.”  Or as one of my favorite people calls me,  “Aunt Way.”

The thought of never having that great love? Nah son.  I’m not having it.

I would feel like I missed out on something.

There I confessed it.

So am I lonely? No.

Am I bitter? No.

Am I in a rush to get married? No.

But I do pray he’s out there and that I’ll get to meet him one day – sooner rather than later.  And from what I can tell many women (and men) feel the same way.  If they didn’t all of these dating websites, dating blogs etc wouldn’t be doing so well.

Regardless to how I fuss and complain, one of my highest desires in life is to fall in love and spend my life with someone.  It also means it’s about a life of service.  If I’m not ready to serve, not ready to commit to his well-being and fulfillment, I can’t get married.  The same goes for him.  We have to be about EACH OTHER.

The bond is about service.  It’s about love.  It’s not about self every day.  I don’t think most people see it that way.

Although I’m open to dating, I’m not about signing myself up for the “Rocket Love Project.”  I can’t do it.  Not that I would know off the break all the time.  But there are some rascals out there who from the moment I meet them, it’s like “ring the alarms” and let Sandman come and hook this fool off the stage.

I’m just saying.

Oh!  I need to say this – if a man says he’s not marriage material, says that he isn’t the kind of man you want to fall in love with, can’t be in a relationship, confesses he is a compulsive liar, has never been faithful to any of his women…

All hands vote to walk away with a polite but firm “Good Day I say to you Sir!”

Note to self: Believe him when he says things like this.  Not so much when he makes promises of unicorns and rainbows and a happy wedded life.

As women we need to start believing the actions of men.  We need to stop listening to the beautiful words and the promises and watch the actions.

Sidebar: And yes, there are so many scenarios of brothers who don’t have it all, but are GOOD MEN.  Trust me – I see you and I’m not talking about y’all.  I’m speaking of the Rachet Brotherhood.  I wanted to say something because there are so many men out here who are GOOD MEN.  They may not be wealthy, or have a lot of fancy things but they will make a woman happy and give her a good life. 

It prevents us from being Rocket Loved, Marvin Gayed, played, hurt or any other way I can call it.

Rocket love.  Yes.  It happened.

Another great love gone by.

Or was it?




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