The Theory of Pretty, Shiny Things


Diamonds, rubies, pearls.




Gold lame.

Handsome men.

Gorgeous women.

Expensive lifestyles.

High-end goods.



All of these pretty shiny things.

All that glitters isn’t gold. Most of it isn’t even authentic these days. So when I am looking at something or someone, maybe they are pretty, shiny. Beautiful. The newest model.

Is that what I should be paying attention to? Should I trade in the reliable model? What about old friends? My man. Just because someone looks better? What about someone’s character? Who they are as a person? I can’t get to know all of this by looking at them. Maybe by watching them, studying them. Paying attention to what they do (mostly) and what they say. Looking at how they treat others. It’s so crucial.

I am just a little tired of seeing people trade other people out all the time for the newest, hottest thing or person. Or the person who’s showering them with attention. Or becomes the new infatuation because they don’t know all of your flaws. It’s easy to start over when no one knows you. You can create what you want them to see for as long as you can keep up the illusion.

Real talk: if we were putting as much effort into our current relationships and the ones who’ve been there for us, they’d be all shiny and new and beautiful. There’d be no need to start over with a new partner, new spouse, new set of friends.

Tonight and into tomorrow, let’s take the time to love on someone who’s been here for us through it. We need to pay amish homage. I couldn’t resist that y’all

For real, call up an old friend. Or your spouse. Or yo’ mama or somebody else’s mama who fed you and helped your dusty arse be worth those couple of dollars.

Stop chasing after the first thing that glimmers.


Paying homage to all of the people in my life. I won’t name y’all (until I write these thank yous for my novel then I’m name dropping like shit) but you know who you are. I love each & every one of you.


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