The Chosen Few

Today was a late start…. two nights of bartending at the the part-time job robbing me of my Saturdays and an occasional Friday. Drinks afterward and staying up until 5am once I arrive home = late start.

I did manage to go to Ross, the grocery store, TJ Maxx and stop at McDonald’s for a sweet tea.  I didn’t clean as much as I would have liked.   But I did laundry.  Fresh sheets….yummy!  I got everything home that I purchased.  I cooked dinner – my famous pan steak.  I had a few glasses of sangria.  Watched Hell on Wheels and then Breaking Bad.

By the way, I need to mop my floors and am just not checking for it right now.  Anyone else out there who avoids floor mopping?  Lord help me.  Jesus on the main line.

Just thought I’d give you an idea of what some of my Sundays look like.

But, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been wondering why some people “make it,” why some people are the chosen ones and why some people seem to be “put on” versus others who no one ever really knows about until 100 years after their demise.

Why are some people chosen and others not?  Favor versus the appearance of non-favor?

Tonight, I’m not speaking in terms of God’s chosen or favored.   God and His will are an entirely different subject I am not yet equipped to discuss [unless it applies to how He acts in my own life].  But I will say His favor is amazing and to be desired.

I do watch how we humans choose, how we create celebrity these days.  All of the reality stars.  All of the people who are catapulted to success and stardom.

But does it matter?

I don’t really think so. Not anymore.  I think it’s more important for me to be a star in my own life. Maybe I will be a star one day, but am I showing up where it counts? Where I’m supposed to show up?  When I’m supposed to show up and for WHO I’m supposed to show up for?

Does it matter if the masses elect me to stardom and favor? Or is it more important for me to be satisfied with myself and where I am as a person?

I’d say the latter.

What say you?  Why is it some people make it and others fall by the wayside?  Is it good weave and great PR?  Is it about being able to promote yourself to the top?  Is it about being able to appear successful?  Or is it about hard work and character?

What’s important for you?  To be chosen by a few or selected and approved of by the masses? Does it matter?




2 thoughts on “The Chosen Few

  1. For me it’s more important who comprises the few or masses because I truly believe that we are a direct reflection of those we surround ourselves with. So as trite as it sounds, I will always choose quality over quantity 😉


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