The Butterfly Effect

I often think what I would do if I woke up and I was the 25 year old me or the 18 year old me.

I keep thinking there are all of these things I’d change.

But today, which is a huge breakthrough for me…

I realized for the first time, that I would lose all of the wonder and the amazement I have collected over the past 2o years.  Two decades.  I mean I’m in my thirties but many of the lessons I’m speaking of begin at a certain point in my life.  Right at about 17.

I wouldn’t have the amazing friends I have, have seen or done some of the things I’ve done, learned the lessons that I needed to be taught.  The people I have in my life – man, I could not be more thankful or excited for them!!

I think my life would be poorer for going back and altering things.  And y’all wouldn’t have anything to read. Ha!!  And really, I am teaching and speaking from all of these experiences.  There’s no point in going through something if you can’t help another person.  Not to mention, if one thing is changed, wouldn’t it change the trajectory of my life?

Real talk – I have an idea of the plans for my life and I haven’t even begun to arrive so why would I want to mess it up?

At any rate, this is just a short blog giving thanks for where I am, for who I have in my life and for all of the good to come.

I have been complaining to myself too much lately and acting a little grinchy.  Being really harsh.  Gasp! Clutch the pearls.   Yup. As sweet as I appear, there’s definitely some fire there and I can be a bitch.  But there’s really no room and no need for bitterness or bitchiness.

I have no reason to be worried or upset about the direction my life is traveling in.  Because it’s perfect and because I am right where I am supposed to be.

There’s much to give God gratitude for.

So this is my public and resounding thank you Lord.

And I will be sure to do it again.




One thought on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. I’ve been pretty cranky lately. Not consistently but unpredictably. Overreacting to things. Being too sensitive. Wanting to be babied and catered to. I have a busy, full life. And lately, more than I would like, I find myself not appreciating it like I should. Entertaining thoughts of myself being damaged, and I thought I was done with that!! Anyway, before I go off on tangent, wanted to thank you for the perspective.


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