Love & the Day Keeper

I’m sitting here thinking about love tonight.

How do you know when it’s too soon to love someone?  Is it ever too soon to tell someone you love them?

I say no.

But others have different ideas.  I mean, I may love you and not tell you off the break.  Mostly because the word LOVE these days is bastardized into looking like a general greeting.  And if I tell you I love you – and I can look you in the eyes, then I mean it.  But I want to make sure you know I’m coming from a place of love.  Not from some agenda.

It’s more important for me to show you I love you than it is for me to tell you and never show you.  I mean, me making breakfast for you, or running errands for you or making your life a little easier in the day, listening to you, allowing you the safe space to express and to cry – that’s love.  Sometimes, I’ll not say it but I will show you every instance of love.

Nowadays the idea of “thirst” and all of these other foolish ass phrases keeps people from being real, from being able to express themselves without fear of judgment.  All I can think about is the movie The Age of Innocence followed by The Illusionist. 

Both are very different takes on the expression of love.  If you haven’t seen them, one will leave you laid out and the other will leave you fulfilled.  I won’t tell you which but both are personal favorites of mine.

The reality is why wait (I could insert YOLO here but I won’t). It’s more about being able to sleep at night knowing I’ve expressed all of the love I feel inside and the person I needed to know – knows.  That’s what’s important.  When Jesus decides to call me home, I don’t want any question as to who I loved and how I loved them.  I want people to know – life insurance money and distribution of property and all.

But the thing is we think the night keeps our secrets.  A Day Keeper.  I rather think it’s the daylight hours.  It’s the time when everyone puts their guards up, hoping no one really ever sees who they are.  That everything is hidden under the stars and the moon.  It’s actually the daytime that’s holding the secrets.  It regards all of the secret things we think and do and say and desire and holds them until the night comes.  The eggplant skies allow us to unleash, to be who we were meant to be.  To really understand all that we hide in the daytime.

In thinking about love tonight, I know for sure there are people who crack and break those barriers. It’s like eating bones, cracking them, getting the marrow out.  We love them for their ability to slide past all of the walls we create in defense.

The point tonight is, if you love someone, tell them.  Show them.  Life isn’t meant to live bound up and in wait.  Snuggle harder my friends.





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