So Far In 30 in 30 and Write Like Crazy

On August 1, I decided I was going to participate in the #30in30 which is 30 blogs posts in 30 days presented by Aliya S. King.  In another space, the talented author Tayari Jones was running a challenge to “Write Like Crazy” for the month of August.  Basically, I decided to mesh them together to see what I could do.  This makes the twenty-third post and I couldn’t be more pleased with what’s been happening as a result of me writing.   On August 14th I started tweeting about a few of the things I have learned over the month:

I will say, sitting here at the kitchen table tonight, I’m thinking over everything the month has brought to me, introduced to me.  It’s been amazing.

I’m also over here bugging out because I know at the end of the month I need to be on a blogging schedule; I need to come up with topics; I need to submit query letters and finish short stories.

Just because this will end in seven days has nothing to do with what’s coming after ward.  There is so much work that has to be done!  I’m nervous and excited about it.  This month has sincerely stretched me as a creative, as a writer.  I also know tweeting, writing, working, loving and living all make for fierce competitors of one another.  At any given time there is one that seems more important.

For me it seems to be living and loving then writing.  I see work as a means to an end.  Thankful for my job and what it affords me, but I think you get the gist of what I’m saying. It’s more important for me to live, love and write.  Work… well…

This challenge has been amazing in so many ways.  The blog was even added to a list of the 127 Best Black Websites Online via United Black America.  I was in shock!!  I mean, to think I am listed with some of the heavy hitters of blogging?  Yes please.  Thank you Jesus!!  Being listed, thought of and acknowledged is something all of us want.  It was an affirmation and confirmation.

But really, for me, it’s when I hear from all of you.  When someone tweets me they enjoyed a blog post.  When I read the comments and emails.  When I talk to people and they know the blog or my friends and they tell me about a specific post they’ve read that was helpful. Those are defining moments for me.

For the last 10 years I’ve been talking about writing and publishing a book.  Now I am writing and working on the book.  It’s a process.  It will be a learning and growing experience.  But the point is I’m writing.  It’s happening in real time and I’m thankful.

I cannot even begin to tell you all how this blog and putting myself out there in full force has blessed me over the course of the summer.  I’d like to think the blog has saved me in many ways and allowed me to be open, to explore, to be fearless.

I am ever so thankful for the platform.  Like I’ve said before, what’s the point in me having to have gone through all of the foolishness I’ve seen and been through if I can’t share it and save you some time and heartache?

Wishing you soul, love and peace on this Friday evening.  I’ll be blogging or tweeting for the remainder of the night to make sure I am on target.



P.S. I have to add this because it’s what I used to watch on Friday/Saturday nights growing up in Detroit.  By the way, “Sharevari” the song that’s playing, was created by two Detroiters and is one of founding songs for techno and electronic music.  At any rate, this is how I’m feeling tonight.  80s clothes, jherri curls and all.  Yeah – that good.


2 thoughts on “So Far In 30 in 30 and Write Like Crazy

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