Flaws, Gifts and Making Room: Guest Post on Michelle’s Motivation

Hi my loves!  You know, blogging brings so many people together.  This time it’s brought me into contact with a fabulous sister, who is the author and blogger for Michelle’s Motivation.  Michelle has one of the brightest spirits you’ll ever see, she’s gorgeous, she writes and she’s in charge.  She read one of my posts and we started chatting.  The hilarious thing is Michelle and I go to the same church (well, Michelle makes it to church I on the other hand am on the milk carton).  I digress.  So when Michelle asked me to guest post, I said yes immediately.  Then as is customary fashion, the question was what do I talk about? What’s on my heart? Well, this is what I have been thinking about lately. Please be sure to comment over at Michelle’s page:

Please understand what I’m saying today because it’s so very important.

God has a place for you and an assignment.

Years ago, I heard my pastor say during a Sunday sermon “You will be able to reach people I will never be able to reach.”  Meaning, as people there are places we go or have access to that others may not.  We may have access to certain people.  I have always remembered him saying this.  Sometimes, we are the only instance of God or of love a person may encounter.

Let me confess now, I am a complicated sister some days….

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One thought on “Flaws, Gifts and Making Room: Guest Post on Michelle’s Motivation

  1. Hey! I was reading through your website and loved the design and content. Is there any way I could help contribute?



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