The Theory of Lost Treasure

Gambling will break you.

I say this in the figurative sense.  Gambling with money is something I’ve seen take some people dowwwwwwnnnnn.  I mean, far, way deep down.  They lose everything.

But today, I want to talk about how we play Russian Roulette with our lives and the things & people most precious to us.  Who’s gambled thinking there was something better only to find out you’d been duped into some sheer foolishness?

**raises hand**

I’m not sure why I took the gambles and the chances I have.  I’d like to think it was mostly because in hindsight I was looking for love, I was looking to reach another level, I was seeking success, I was seeking to improve my life. 

All I can say is I’ve had some friends and family who have been ultra good to me, amazingly supportive and forgiving throughout the years of madness and mayhem.   If not for God and them, I’m not sure where I would be.  With all that said, then there has to be something, at some point in our lives we’re not willing to gamble away.  That’s why it’s called a risk, a gamble, a chance.  I mean, we could say that everything is a chance.  What I’m talking about here are those life-changing moments with things that shouldn’t be negotiable.

And here’s a secret I wish I would have known years ago: those moments aren’t always the loud situations where you KNOW you’re in the wrong place, making the wrong choice, surrounding yourself with the wrong people.  Sometimes they appear that way – yelling and glaringly wrong.  Most times not.  These moments are subtle.  They’re quiet.  They come when you’re alone.  They happen when you can’t call anyone to reach out for help.  They happen when no one is watching (or so you think).  These are the moments that change and determine your life. They add up.  Just like saving or spending adds up.  It’s just like when you start off with a $100 dollar bill and break it.  You can have $98.50 and now it’s easier to spend a $20.00.  Next thing you know, you’re down to three dollars wondering where your money went.

Morals and your principals are often like that too.

Once you bend one, for a reason of convenience that day, it gets easier to bend the rest of the rules.  Making exceptions can make you question your foundation when you don’t have to.

I’m telling you this today, because I have found myself in this situation and talking with people over this very same thing lately.

Treasure is gained and lost with every decision we make.  Sometimes, lost treasure is never recovered.  Other times, it’s left for someone else to discover later.  Are you just squandering away your treasure (life, opportunities, loved ones) one bad decision at a time?  Something that could have been avoided?

Just make sure the decisions you make, to the best of your ability, are the decisions that lead you to the life you want.  Each small and large decision at a time.

They add up.




8 thoughts on “The Theory of Lost Treasure

  1. This post so reminds me of when I was always looking for the next best thing when it came to relationships. I knew what I already had was great,but I couldn’t just be happy with that. Thank you for writing this. It’s a reminder to stop chasing when I know what’s on the other side is toxic.

    • I promise you I understand. And at some point, we never find it and realize we messed up. And yes, at some point, we have to learn to be satisfied with what we have. I’ve been on both sides of the coin on this one.

  2. Hey Rae. What’s strange is that we know better. We still gamble on the person and get burned every time. All those red flags and bells and whistles go off in our head, but we still go ahead and waste our time. One somebody once told me that she used to carry a syringe full of bleach in her purse. That should have been the indicator. I ignored it. Now, I’m still trying to get back the time lost.

    Never compromise who you are just to fit into someone else’s life. You lose every time. Employers don’t hire people who aren’t suitable for the job, why should we?


    • Lawd! Not the bleach!!! Nawwwlll!! Yeah that would mean we’d have to part ways real quick. And “never compromise who you are to fit into someone else’s life” is a huge thing. HUGE. Like if we can grasp that before we have all of this heartbreak and lost time then we fare out much better.

    • Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate you stopping through today. Those big and little choices really do make all the difference. Thank you again for your comment and following the blog!


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