My First Radio Interview, The Flashtweeting of a Story and Other Hullabaloo

A few weeks ago, I appeared on the Dr.Vibe show.  Dr. Vibe won the Black Weblog Awards this year for “Best International Blog.”  We had a great pre-show where we talked about all sorts of things within a ten-minute period of time BEFORE the actual live show started.  Can I tell you I was nervous as all get out?  It’s ridiculous how nervous you can be when having to present and be present at the same damn time.

I’m sure it was just a matter of the unknown.  We didn’t have a topic for the evening – but when I tell you the time I spent talking with him blessed me?  It did.  It was the perfect conversation and Dr.Vibe has an uncanny ability to help you put some of the thing that’ve taken place in your life on front and center stage – in a good way.  I had the chance to really connect the dots and share some fond memories of my life.  It was a great time on the air. I’d love to hear your feedback on the show!!  Who knows, maybe From Rae With Love will be coming to a podcast, internet radio show or something near you soon!

Check out the interview by clicking HERE.

I am planning to have a video post up sometime this week and stay tuned for a few additional blog posts as well.   I’m excited about it! I had planned to wait until the new year, but no better time than the present.

Oh! If you haven’t seen it, I’ve been flashtweeting a story over at Storify named “I Was Expecting You.”  So far, there are three installments.  I will be posting the fourth sometime this week.

Check out Part I of “I Was Expecting You”

Check out Part II of “I Was Expecting You”

Check out Part III of “I Was Expecting You”

Why would I flashtweet you ask? Why would I begin writing a story on twitter and then put it on Storify? What’s the point?  Well, it all started with me sending a few tweets – they were the opening lines of the story. My younger self and doppelganger @filthycharm seemed to squeal in delight via twitter and well, that was all the encouragement I needed to just continue to post the story.  Then another friend, @girlmeetsglass made the comment of  “What book are you tweeting this from?”  Just with those two statements , it freed me to post the story.

I’ve had some great feedback on it so far, but since you guys may not have read it, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback.  Feel free to tweet me here:

With writers, you don’t have to twist our arms too much to get us to post things or send things once we think you like our stuff.  Trust me, we want to share it with you.  Most of us are just too shy to do so.  And if you’re in our inner circle, more than likely you get tired of reading most of our stuff.  But we can always surprise you with something new.

I’m hoping to get a few short stories completed.  Maybe even start on the memoir sometime next year.   I’m still pressing to get to a writer’s workshop but need to make sure I have a clean and well-written set of manuscripts to submit – fiction and non-fiction.  You just never know when the opportunity will appear.

Let me know what you think of the story so far!  I’ll have some more stuff for you later this week.




12 thoughts on “My First Radio Interview, The Flashtweeting of a Story and Other Hullabaloo

  1. Nothing like reading a good story and then suddenly have to cut it short. I too am waiting patiently. This would make a good 300+ page book!! You got the skills to do it.

    • Awww thank you!! I swear I’m working on it. I am trying to figure out what happens to June. I am. As soon as I do, I’m posting it. I really appreciate the encouragement. I have so many stories to tell!

    • It’s coming! I promise! I’ve just been tied up and I don’t know what June is supposed to do because she hasn’t told me yet ;0

      Thank you so much! Writing and blogging are such blessings.

  2. So far, I’ve only had a chance to read Part I of the story but I think at a minimum a short story is in order 🙂 Can’t wait to read more and listen to the interview!


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