If You Want to Quit….

I haven’t written anything since around the first part of the year.  Not because I don’t love writing, but well, because I seriously thought about quitting.

Hold on – stay with me…. this blog is about telling the truth right? So I’m going to tell it.

Yup, I thought about quitting the blog and leaving it up here as a testament and then moving on to something else – like writing an e-book and shit since everyone else is doing it.  Did you know I’ve basically written an entire book over the last year of tapping these keys on this blog? I also think that last sentence sent me into a tail spin a few weeks ago as well.   As a writer, as a creative, as an introvert (yes, I’m an introvert), we often retreat unto ourselves in order to be able to get things done.  Introverts need to be alone, or in my case just at home in peace with some alone time (doesn’t have to be spent fully alone).  Although it can be that thing the renews me, it’s also the time I have the most doubts.  In another post, Choosing Right in 2013 and Beyond, I talked about still quiet moments.

Those are the times the difficult decisions are made.  It’s those moments when no one can see you (or me for that matter) and we have to make decisions that may affect our lives for a long time to come.   The quiet times are also the ones when I  sit still and deal with how I feel about something that’s happened, or someone or myself.  It’s not always easy.

I let some things someone said and did affect me for a series of weeks.  And well, to the strongest and the best of us –  it happens.  The funny thing is it happens in waves.  One thing happens, then another – like there’s no break in it all.  That’s why I’m writing about it.  I want you to know, I think and have thought about quitting the blog – not all of us admit it.  Although I’m strong, I’m resilient,  I’m not immune to the things people say and do.

Then, I got trolled on twitter.  That’s when I finally realized that it’s only when you’re on the verge of something truly important, you get all of the naysayers, the doubters, the haters and the negative events.  It’s MEANT to be a distraction from what you’re (I’m) supposed to be doing.   If I stop writing and sharing, stop what I’m doing, there’s no one here to tell my story – there’s no one here to express the things  God means to do through me.  Why should I let anyone stop that?  That being said, I may have been slowed down, but it doesn’t mean I’m quitting.

Note: Slowing down doesn’t mean you’ve quit.

So, no – I’m not quitting.  I’m not going anywhere.  There’s value in what I do – even if it’s just for me.  Although I don’t have all of the answers, this blog and the things I present aren’t meant to have all the answers.  I write to record things.  I write to make sure I am sharing the things that have happened to me – so that maybe, just maybe you:  1) know you’re not alone 2) can learn from what’s happened to me 3) get a good laugh from time to time 4) know it’s ok to take a break from time to time 5) there’s value in being transparent and brave.


I am also in the process of deciding on changes to From Rae With Love.  I’ve been saying that for a year now and well, sometimes life gets in the way and other things take precedent but it will have been worth the wait when it finally gets done.

I say all of this to say, if you’re thinking about quitting something you’ve wanted to do all your life, dreamed about – because of your own doubt or someone else’s; because you’re faced with a lot of challenges; because it’s not currently popular;  if people are talking about you and your feelings are hurt?  Press on.  It’ll be worth it.   Give them more to talk about.  Make it worth their while.

If you’re thinking about quitting – don’t.

Get yourself together.  Slow down if you need to.  Let people walk away (just the ones that really want to go).  Walk away from those that are hurting you.  Surround yourself with people who you really love and adore.  Find new and important things you love and adore. Hide out like an ostrich for a while.  Drink bottles of wine.  Pray.  Clean.  Buy$200 worth of candles and incense and other home items and spend reckless amounts of money on decadent cheese and cheap wine and awesome brunches and crafts you don’t need and creating vision boards out of expensive paper and creating long ass run on sentences like this one.  Sleep in.  Talk aimless walks (not the kind where you don’t come back, just the kind where you don’t have a set destination). Retreat, plan, regroup, execute and then stunt on these muthas out here.  I’m just saying – that’s what it amounts to – or that’s what I did.  By the time you do all of that, you’ll find your mojo again and your way back.   Holla at me in the comments….






15 thoughts on “If You Want to Quit….

  1. Love this! From one writer to another…. this is UNDERSTOOD! Do what you need to do to regroup. You will come back when you are ready and recharged. We’ll be waiting till then. 🙂

    • Yessssss B! Sometimes it comes down to that point and it’s like – I need to just stop and have a seat for a while and then figure out what I need to do from there. And it’s sometimes a struggle to know about that point. Once I took a step back, I realized I didn’t really want to stop, I just needed to change some things. As Jakes says “Reposition Yourself.”

  2. Wow! Amazing that God leads you to exactly what you need to read. Thank you for this post. I am sitting in my friend’s house, 150 miles from home getting ready to go out and promote my 2nd Personal Empowerment Seminar in Portsmouth, VA. I thought about canceling because I am afraid no one will show up. But I know this is a part of my purpose so I am going to face my fear and do this thing!

    Your post made my eyes water ’cause I know God sent me to your words to encourage me to stay the course. Thank you. I won’t quit.

    • Awww!! Be encouraged Wilma!!! And no, don’t quit. I once heard a story about a brother who wrote this book. He said he sat there and no one came to the book signing. He waited. Then at the last minute a brother walked in to buy his book and asked him to come to his men’s group at church that evening. Girl, there were over 80 brothers there that night who bought books!!! So, you never know right? I’m glad God could use me today and encourage you. Thank you so much for commenting and saying so – it blessed me even more. Stay the course!

  3. 1st. im still mad i missed putting ppl in their place on the twitter.
    2nd. i wouldnt have let you quit…so… there.
    3rd. thanks for sharing. i know there is someone out there who gains value from your writing – so dont YOU forget it!

    • Thank you Sis! I know right? I’m mad you missed it too. I wanted to get real crazy with it – but I didn’t think that would be right.

      Thank you for supporting me and not letting me quit. I think I needed to tell people because, well, we all want to quit at some point. But I have found there are people who do read -the blog and love it – or else I wouldn’t have people stopping by you know?

      I will say for future troll incidents I’ll alert you so you can watch it unfold and watch me block them. LOL…

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  5. Glad to hear that you are moving forward Sis! Even when trials and tribulations come, that’s the motivation we need to fight and press towards the mark! You are a FANTABULOUS writer and I for one always enjoy what you present! Keep doing your thing! Hoping you and I both branch off to a book this year. That’s the goal!

    • Thank you Sis! I appreciate your support. It’s true to really have to press and fight. I pray we both get a book done this year for sure. We are going to pray and agree.

  6. Rae!!! Even though you haven’t gone anywhere/away — it’s good to have you back! Take your time. I would like to tell you that your statement, “There’s value in what I do – even if it’s just for me.” is good but not the case. What we go through as individuals is never just for ourselves, if they/it were why would community exist? Keep sharing and giving and serving and writing! Someone has told you that your writing is necessary and I agree – not just for you but for all of us. Even those for who it isn’t, they’ll read it and find a point on contact for another. I love your writing because it is thought-provoking and encouraging and carries conviction/courage. Thank you for not quitting! Thank you for not quitting on you.

    • Aight DeNita – thank you for winning the award for making me tear up. Love you Sis! Thank you for your encouragement. Every.single.word.you.said.is.true.


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