Risk-Taking, Faith and Expansion for “Up for Discussion”

Proverbs 3125

I want to talk about taking risks and stepping out on faith.

It’s something we all need to do at one point or another in our lives.  But how many of us plan accordingly and step out? How many of us really reach our potential or at least come close to it?  If you’re shaking your head and saying not many, I’d like to start to change your thinking about it – even if it’s a slight shift.   Part of growing and evolving is risking.  We have to take risks.  While we as women are game changers, we’re not always as willing to take a risk in order to better our lives.  We tend to play it very safe.  While I can understand it, I also know we rarely move out of our own way if we don’t.  We’re all normally worried about stability, family, children, parents, spouses, ourselves – and normally we’re last on the list.  But here’s the thing – by sometimes taking a leap, it can benefit not just ourselves, but our loved ones.  By making Your own life better – it improves the life of everyone around you.  Most times – it involves taking a risk and stepping out on faith.

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